Nutritious Nuts for a Healthy Community

Nutritious Nuts for a Healthy Community

The only tree nut native to North America, the pecan is as naturally wholesome as it is delicious. Good thing there’s a plentiful supply of pecans in Green Valley!

In fact, Green Valley Pecan Company boasts a rich history not only in harvesting this nutrient-rich nut, but also in cultivating a healthy, active community.

The Orchard Series—three races and fun runs that takes runners through Green Valley Pecan Company’s iconic orchards—has become a staple in the region, offering participants of all ages the opportunity to be active in a unique setting.


Green Valley Pecan Company works with Tagg Running Events to host the series; which benefits local non-profit organizations and student groups:

  • The first race for 2019, known as the Nut Run, is scheduled for April 27.
  • Breeze in the Trees is the second race and is scheduled for July 27.
  • The series ends with the Pecan Classic at the Sahuarita Pecan Festival on Nov. 9.


Green Valley Pecan Company can also be found at local health fairs, including the annual Incredible Age Expo, held at the nearby Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment in Sahuarita. Green Valley Pecan Company also supports many local sports teams and art groups, such as youth soccer, baseball, football, swimming, golf, dance, and music.

Stop by the Green Valley Pecan Company’s booth at these events and you’ll learn two things: First, never leave without asking for a free pecan sample. Second, a diet rich in pecans is good for you!

Here are some reasons you should love eating pecans:

  • Pecans protect your mind! Studies have shown that the high levels of vitamin E—a natural antioxidant found in pecans—may help fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Pecans lower your cholesterol and contribute to heart health! Evidence suggests that incorporating pecans into a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of death disease.
  • Pecans help control your weight! Pecans may aid in weight loss and maintenance, according to research.
  • Pecans have a lot of nutrients! Containing more than 19 vitamins and minerals—including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, and calcium—pecans are nutrient-dense. They’re also a high-quality source of protein!

For recipes using Green Valley Pecans, visit their Pinterest page or try out one of these recipes from American Pecans.

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