Green Valley, Arizona

Health & Wellness

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Eye Exam Green Valley Hospital

Green Valley is people. One of Green Valley’s top assets is the diversity of people here—school teachers from Minnesota, retired military officers from Colorado, park rangers from Washington State, and caregivers from ConnecticuAt. One thing all Green Valley retirees have in common is an appetite for an active lifestyle. They recognize that health and wellness is rooted in a stimulating life, enjoyable companions, clean air and water, wholesome food, and quality healthcare services. When life takes an unexpected (sports injury or a sudden illness) or expected (advanced age) turn, Green Valley residents rely on ample local resources to meet their needs.

Physical Therapy Green Valley Hospital

The new and growing Green Valley Hospital and the associated specialty medical services provide full-service acute care hospital, including an emergency room, and several healthcare providers. This modern medical campus is at the south end of Green Valley just off Interstate 19. Planned for future expansion, this facility will handle the needs of the community for many years to come. Tucson has several hospitals including the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration center and a Level I trauma center.

Physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, in-home caregivers, independent living and assisted living facilities and memory care units are right here in our community. Over fifty clinics and health care provider locations are available no more than a fifteen minute drive from the center of Green Valley. Silver Springs, Arroyo Gardens, Santa Rita Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and The Villas are just a few of the many options for seniors who love to live in our area, but no longer want the responsibility of their own home, or who need some level of assistance. La Posada, Green Valley’s largest employer, offers all levels of supported living in a unique community-within-a-community.  The Green Valley Fire Department even employs a nurse practitioner who makes house calls!

Dog at Vet Green Valley

Green Valley’s pets are provided for equally well. With veterinary clinics, rescue groups, boarding and grooming facilities, training, and day-care options—settling the furriest members of the household into their new hometown is no problem.

For a comprehensive list of healthcare providers—for both people and animals—visit the Green Valley Council’s medical directory.