Green Valley Pecan Company is Expanding

Green Valley Pecan Company is Expanding

The temperature is about to drop at Green Valley Pecan Company.

After nearly two years of planning, the company recently broke ground on the construction of a refrigerated warehouse.

The new building—consisting of 40,000 square feet—will also have the capability to be used as a freezer.

While a large refrigerated building might sound like an enticing outing to locals this time of year, the new structure signals growth for the company in the industry.

The warehouse will have over a 50-year life span, underlining Green Valley Pecan Company’s status as a leading pecan grower not only in the Sahuarita area, but worldwide.

The building will also have nearly 6,000 square feet of building space that will be used as truck docks, office space, and utility rooms.

It will also house processing equipment that will enhance food safety, quality, and traceability to ensure a safe, high-quality product for customers.

Those traveling along Sahuarita Road may have noticed that the construction activity is blocking the Pecan Store. While fences are around the store’s parking lot, the Pecan Store is open! Normal business hours will be held throughout the entire construction of the warehouse. Just follow the detour signs on the property.

A local general contractor, BFL Construction Company, was selected to oversee this project. The facility is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

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