Green Valley Among the “Best Places to Retire”

Green Valley Among the “Best Places to Retire”

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The folks who live in Green Valley, AZ have known for many years that it is one of the best places to retire. The marvel of this great community, recognized for its healthy environment for active living and successful aging, has typically been promoted by word-of-mouth from friend to friend and neighbor to neighbor. Now it seems as though others are taking notice of Green Valley, AZ and putting this unique community on the map. The US News and World Report started this momentum in 2008 when it showcased Green Valley, AZ as one of the “best healthy places to retire in the US.” The article boasts about the health benefits of living in a warm, dry climate, residents with “bulging calendars” filled with diverse activities, membership and access to resort-style amenities through Green Valley Recreation, beautiful desert golf courses, and access to great health care.

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A mere nine years later, Green Valley, AZ is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Best 25 Places to Retire in 2017.” In a nut shell, this ranking affirms that Green Valley, AZ meets Forbes’ criteria of an attractive and affordable living environment with the best retirement value. This means not only in costs like affordable housing and taxes, but the best retirement value in terms of quality of life indicators (including crime and air quality), recreation, access to medical care, and factors which make for a healthy and fulfilling retirement including opportunities for volunteering, exercise, active living, social and community engagement, and even part-time work. The Forbes ranking is also a good measure to consider when choosing a place to retire because they take into account the Milken Institute’s criteria for the best places for successful aging when they make their rankings.

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Ideal-Living Magazine recently highlighted Green Valley, AZ as a great place for active adult living. They created a discovery tour to showcase the resort-style amenities of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. showing a range of activities within the community while also giving a taste of the beauty of Southern Arizona. says,

Green Valley offers good value for the money in terms of the housing and amenities offered. It also has a moderate winter climate, although periods of hard freeze can occur.  Because of its size the range of its activities and the range of people to meet is more extensive than most other active adult communities.  The non-profit Green Valley Recreation is quite extraordinary, operating 13 different recreation centers with golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc. It also provides many opportunities for the arts and entertainment. One of its attractions is that its facilities and programs allow people from different communities to mix.

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Movoto extolls the virtues of Green Valley’s endless physical, social, academic and creative activity opportunities. Yahoo Finance and Money magazine have both placed Green Valley in position two on their top 10 places to retire in the US.

The official word is out – Green Valley, AZ is a premiere destination for active adult living. Green Valley Recreation, Inc., the numerous clubs, faith communities and volunteer organizations that make up this wonderful community provide a healthy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.