Townhouse VI

Property Description:

Townhouse VI, built in 1973, is a Sonoran Desert lover’s dream. Centrally located in Green Valley off the 700 block of La Canada Drive, Townhouse VI is comprised of 90 homes built in strips of townhouses arranged to minimize the human footprint. Resident volunteers take care of the wide swaths of Sonoran Desert landscape that separate each parallel street from the next. Neighbors (and their dogs) meet regularly on the many footpaths—one includes a footbridge over a dry wash and leads immediately to a GVR recreation center with a pool, a spa, and a meeting room the HOA often uses for potlucks and other social gatherings. Another path leads to one of the three churches that are within easy walking distance. GVR’s West Center (performing arts auditorium, lap pool, shuffleboard, tennis, woodworkers shop, lapidary studio, billiards center, Artisan’s shop) and the Continental Shopping Center are 1/4 mile away. Townhouse VI is a low-key neighborhood where folks look out for each other.