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4792 S Desert Sunset Dr, Green Valley, AZ, USA 85622
Phone: 520-625-4924
Property Description:

SAN IGNACIO VISTAS INC (SIV) is a non-profit homeowners association that was incorporated in 1995 for the purpose of preserving the property values and the natural beauty of the setting of San Ignacio Vistas at the northeast intersection of Calle Tres and Camino del Sol in beautiful Green Valley, Arizona which is unincorporated. SIV is an active member of the Green Valley Council.  The annual HOA assessment in 2018 was $530.  Our subdivision has 228 homes and approximately 25 acres of open space which is maintained by the HOA. The Association owns nearly three miles of streets and sidewalks, extensive drainage lines and over twelve acres of natural vegetation. These assets are managed by the Association to preserve and enhance their value to the whole community. Some areas are left in a natural state for the benefit of local wildlife. As a homeowner you will enjoy easy walking and meeting your neighbors as many walk each morning. San Ignacio Vistas is a self-managed association. The board is elected by homeowners and there several committees. Standing committees consist of Architectural, Audit, Financial Advisory, Nominating, and Maintenance, as well as SIVPS (San Ignacio Vistas Postal Service) and Social. We also do email-blasts to homeowners and those without a computer receive this information via snail-mail. We have 3 or 4 socials each year and these are held at one of the centers operated by Green Valley Recreation (GVR). All homes in the subdivision belong to GVR (by deed restriction) and membership is not optional.  We invite you to visit our website ( to view our governing documents, newsletters, meeting minutes, financial information plus many useful links to give you information about Green Valley and Pima County. If you have any unanswered questions, please email us at: