Green Valley-Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse

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301 W Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley, AZ 85614
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The Green Valley-Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse (GVSVC), an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization serving the Green Valley-Sahuarita community and surrounding areas since 2007, promotes volunteerism as an essential community resource. GVSVC recruits potential volunteers for public and non-profit organizations and provides professional development for volunteer managers. Volunteerism is the heart of the Green Valley-Sahuarita community. Our public and non-profit organizations live by it. Our senior citizen volunteers receive the benefits of altruism, a sense of accomplishment, improved physical and cognitive functioning, and social interactions. Our young people, who often start volunteering through the example of adults, learn that service benefits a community and it teaches them useful career and life-skills. For more information about GVSVC and volunteer opportunities in our community please visit our website, or call our office at 520-625-1150, Ext. 108. Want to learn more?  On Tuesdays from 9 am to 3 pm, plan to visit our office at Friends-in-Deed (301 W Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley) to discuss your volunteer interests. We represent over a hundred local organizations—we can find the perfect volunteer site for you