Canoa Estates II

Property Description:

Canoa Estates II is a group of 124 homes located in south central Green Valley to the west of Camino Del Sol. Our homes were built in 1987-1988 on a gentle slope just west of the Canoa Hills Social Center, and because we are on a gentle slope many of our homes have spectacular views of the Santa Rita mountain range to the east. The homes in our neighborhood were designed to optimize privacy, yet preserve the openness and views from nearly every property. We border the closed Canoa Hills Golf Course, which has become a wonderful open area with walking paths where we meet our neighbors and stay in touch.

Our HOA is financially solvent and our well-funded reserves provide for regular and planned maintenance of our roads. The HOA Board meets four times annually and posts meeting minutes and financial reports on our HOA website for owner reference. We have a mixture of approximately 50% full-time residents and 50% seasonal residents. Twice a year we get together for small golf tournaments and the weekly bocce ball games at the Canoa Hills Social Center are quite popular. Our HOA hosts a social event monthly from October through April each year. Come discover the active retirement lifestyle in the community of Canoa Estates II!