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Bach St. Matthew Passion

2800 South Camino Del Sol, Green Valley, AZ, USA 85622
Short Summary: The Passion begins with an immense wave of sound – an opening chorus by double choir with children’s chorus soaring over the top – building with intensity, and sweeping the listener into the drama. Each solo voice, choir and orchestra plays a role. Described as a “majestic cathedral of music,” this work is at once intimate and monumental.
Phone: 520-401-2651

Green Valley Recreation, Inc.

1070 Calle De Las Casitas, Green Valley, AZ 85614
Short Summary: GVR members enjoy thirteen spas and pools, six fitness centers, 60+ clubs, craft and art studios, classes, lectures, sports, dances, movies, concerts and more. Come visit! Free two-day passes available. Ask your realtor about GVR!
Phone: 520-625-3440