GVR Needle-Arts Club

GVR Needle-Arts Club

“Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop”. This is the adage that many of our ancestors lived by. When their long day’s work was done, they always had some form of stitching nearby for their “free” time.

For many years, Vicky Mournian and I attended stitching festivals around the country. We always noticed no matter where, we always felt a camaraderie and sense of fellowship whenever we attended these festivals.

A few months ago we were talking about how much we enjoyed these get-togethers and how much we missed them. That’s when we thought about forming a club here in GVR where we could once again have that feeling. And, we quickly found, there are others in our community who feel the same way. Just as in days gone by when neighbors would meet for a “sewing bee” we, too, get together to stitch, tell stories, relax and de-stress and help each other in our needlework endeavors.

We have members who cross-stitch, needlepoint, and embroider as well as those who stitch hardanger, do smocking and weave. We also have those who knit and crochet. We have members who are beginners and we have experienced stitchers who have won awards for their work.

It’s a wonderful form of relaxation and has been proven to be a great form of therapy for those who have suffered stroke and other health issues.

We have over 35 members who are a part of our newly formed GVR club. So if you are a “stitcher” — or you want to try a new needlecraft, please join us at our next meeting. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Friday of each month from 2-4pm.

We’d love to meet you — show you what we are all working on — and convince you that you too can be a needleworker!!!

Barb Mauser

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Barb Mauser swbarb@aol.com 520-393-3659
Vicky Mournian. vicky@themournians.com 520-269-7587

Nutritious Nuts for a Healthy Community

Nutritious Nuts for a Healthy Community

The only tree nut native to North America, the pecan is as naturally wholesome as it is delicious. Good thing there’s a plentiful supply of pecans in Green Valley!

In fact, Green Valley Pecan Company boasts a rich history not only in harvesting this nutrient-rich nut, but also in cultivating a healthy, active community.

The Orchard Series—three races and fun runs that takes runners through Green Valley Pecan Company’s iconic orchards—has become a staple in the region, offering participants of all ages the opportunity to be active in a unique setting.


Green Valley Pecan Company works with Tagg Running Events to host the series; which benefits local non-profit organizations and student groups:

  • The first race for 2019, known as the Nut Run, is scheduled for April 27.
  • Breeze in the Trees is the second race and is scheduled for July 27.
  • The series ends with the Pecan Classic at the Sahuarita Pecan Festival on Nov. 9.


Green Valley Pecan Company can also be found at local health fairs, including the annual Incredible Age Expo, held at the nearby Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment in Sahuarita. Green Valley Pecan Company also supports many local sports teams and art groups, such as youth soccer, baseball, football, swimming, golf, dance, and music.

Stop by the Green Valley Pecan Company’s booth at these events and you’ll learn two things: First, never leave without asking for a free pecan sample. Second, a diet rich in pecans is good for you!

Here are some reasons you should love eating pecans:

  • Pecans protect your mind! Studies have shown that the high levels of vitamin E—a natural antioxidant found in pecans—may help fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Pecans lower your cholesterol and contribute to heart health! Evidence suggests that incorporating pecans into a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of death disease.
  • Pecans help control your weight! Pecans may aid in weight loss and maintenance, according to research.
  • Pecans have a lot of nutrients! Containing more than 19 vitamins and minerals—including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, and calcium—pecans are nutrient-dense. They’re also a high-quality source of protein!

For recipes using Green Valley Pecans, visit their Pinterest page or try out one of these recipes from American Pecans.

For more information on Green Valley Pecan Company, pecan products and nutritional information, and the community fun runs through the pecan orchard, please visit www.PecanStore.com, www.greenvalleypecan.com, or www.sahuaritapecanfestival.com.

For updates, recipes, and other pecan-related information, follow Green Valley Pecan Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

A Progressive Food Heritage and History Tour

A Progressive Food Heritage and History Tour

The Presidio District Experience

Celebrating Tucson’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation, the tour includes stops at four locations in the historic Presidio District of Downtown Tucson.  Participants experience Tucson’s complex food heritage and the fusion of Old and New World ingredients while hearing great stories of Tucson’s history in some of it’s more historic locations.

Beginning at the Presidio Museum, participants learn about Tucson’s origins and the food fusions that occurred when the Spanish and Tohono O’Odham were first learning from each other.

The tour includes El Charro, where participants enjoy some of their most popular menu items and a margarita.  While sitting in their flagship restaurant, tour participants will learn the rich history of the Flores family from members of the family and hear stories such as how the chimichanga was created.

The next stop is La Cocina Restaurant/Old Town Artisans, located in the longest-inhabited block in Arizona.  Participants will enjoy an appetizer portion of menu items made with both Old and New World ingredients while they are told stories about the residents and businesses the building has hosted in the past.  In addition, participants enjoy Three Wells Distillery’s Silver and Copper spirits made from prickly pear fruits.

The final stop on the tour is Café a la C’art, housed in the historic Fish-Stevens home at the Tucson Museum of Art.  Here, participants will enjoy a one of their many famous desserts made with historic regional ingredients and learn about the Fish and Stevens families that inhabited the home.

The tour runs from 12:30-4:30 pm on the following dates:

January 17
January 23
April 11
April 18

The cost is $75/person or $65 for Presidio Museum members.  Pre-registration is required at www.TucsonPresidio.com.

Green Valley Recreation Computer Club

Green Valley Recreation Computer Club

The Green Valley Recreation Computer Club provides exchange of information, classes, tech support, one-to-one assistance, and on-site equipment to those members of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. who share an interest in PC and Mac computers, tablets, smartphones, and Microsoft, Linux, and Apple software.

Yearly membership is only $25.00/individual or $35.00/family. Please visit our website at ccgvaz.org and follow us on Facebook at GVR Computer Club or by clicking HERE –  and Twitter – @GvrClub.

Click HERE to take a look at our video and catch our excitement!

Park-to-Park Hike along the Anza Trail

Park-to-Park Hike along the Anza Trail

Tumacácori National Historical Park News Release

To recognize and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails Act, Tumacácori National Historical Park will offer hikers the opportunity to walk the four-mile stretch of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail between Tumacácori and Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, catching a free ride back to their starting point. Hikers can begin at either end of the trail. Between 8:00 a.m. and noon on Sunday, October 7 the park will provide a continuously running shuttle between the trailheads.

In his 1965 “Natural Beauty Message” to Congress, President Lyndon B. Johnson inspired a national “system of trails” for the American people. Congress passed the National Trails System Act, signed into law by President Johnson, on October 2, 1968. Today, the National Trails System includes 11 National Scenic Trails and 19 National Historic Trails authorized by Congress, and more than 1,200 National Recreation Trails (including 21 National Water Trails). Preservation and development of Rail Trails is also fostered in this act. These trails provide outdoor recreation opportunities, promote resource preservation and public access, and encourage the appreciation of the great outdoors and America’s history and cultural diversity.

The Anza Trail, part of this National Trail System, stretches from the Mexican border in Nogales to San Francisco, California, commemorating the founding in 1776 of that city by Tubac Captain Juan Bautista de Anza and a group of settlers from what is now Sonora, Mexico. You will be following the first walkable portion of the national trail created in 1990, the stretch between Tumacácori and Tubac. The Tubac Presidio, the site of the first European settlement in Arizona and the first Spanish fort in the Santa Cruz Valley, was also the first park in the Arizona State Park system. Tumacácori, the first mission established in 1691 by Jesuit missionary Father Eusebio Francisco Kino in what is now Arizona, was also among the first park sites established by President Theodore Roosevelt as a National Monument, in 1908.

The four mile stretch of Anza Trail is mostly level and shady. Wear good walking shoes, dress for the weather, and carry water and snacks.

For more information on the hike or other park events and activities, call Tumacácori National Historical Park at 520-377-5060, or visit the park website, at www.nps.gov/tuma. For more about the Trails50 movement and how you can tell your story, visit www.trails50.org



About the National Park Service – More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s 417 national parks and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities.  Learn more at www.nps.gov.

Green Valley Pecan Company is Expanding

Green Valley Pecan Company is Expanding

The temperature is about to drop at Green Valley Pecan Company.

After nearly two years of planning, the company recently broke ground on the construction of a refrigerated warehouse.

The new building—consisting of 40,000 square feet—will also have the capability to be used as a freezer.

While a large refrigerated building might sound like an enticing outing to locals this time of year, the new structure signals growth for the company in the industry.

The warehouse will have over a 50-year life span, underlining Green Valley Pecan Company’s status as a leading pecan grower not only in the Sahuarita area, but worldwide.

The building will also have nearly 6,000 square feet of building space that will be used as truck docks, office space, and utility rooms.

It will also house processing equipment that will enhance food safety, quality, and traceability to ensure a safe, high-quality product for customers.

Those traveling along Sahuarita Road may have noticed that the construction activity is blocking the Pecan Store. While fences are around the store’s parking lot, the Pecan Store is open! Normal business hours will be held throughout the entire construction of the warehouse. Just follow the detour signs on the property.

A local general contractor, BFL Construction Company, was selected to oversee this project. The facility is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

For more information on Green Valley Pecan Company, pecan products, and the refrigerated warehouse project, please visit www.PecanStore.com or www.greenvalleypecan.com.

For updates, recipes, and other pecan-related information, follow Green Valley Pecan Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Pecan Harvesting at Green Valley Pecan Company

Pecan Harvesting at Green Valley Pecan Company

Ask locals to identify something special about the region, chances are they’ll say “the pecan orchards.”

Spanning more than 7000 acres in the Sahuarita and Green Valley area, the Green Valley Pecan Company’s farm has become a defining sight in the community, with the trees marking the change in seasons.

Perhaps the most exciting time on the farm is harvest season.

While traveling down South Nogales Highway, motorists and cyclists will see the telltale sign that harvesting is underway: small pockets of dust trailing behind the large harvesters.

Harvesting officially begins some time in December, following a few consecutive nights of freezing temperatures so the pecans more easily drop off the dormant trees.

Once the go-ahead is given, the farm comes alive with workers completing all four stages of harvest.


The first step of harvesting—the shaking—is exactly what it sounds like. A special machine called a shaker grabs hold of the tree and shakes the trunk for three to five seconds, knocking pecans and twigs onto the ground.

The objective—getting the pecans off the tree—is achieved quickly, with no damage done to the trees themselves.

Watch a video clip about the shaking process.

A few hours later, the second step begins. A raker comes through the farm, raking up everything on the ground. Consisting of a tractor, front sweepers, and a blower, the raker uses all of these parts to paddle pecans and other debris into the middle of the pathway.

Watch a video clip about the raking process.

The gathered pecans are now ready for the harvester, the third step of the process. The harvester travels along the path of pecans on the ground and expertly picks them up to be transported back to the cleaning barn.

Watch a video clip about the harvesters.

The cleaning stage is the final part of harvesting. Pecans go through a comprehensive cleaning process that includes a quality inspection. Pecans that pass the test are then frozen until processing begins.

Watch a video clip about the cleaning process.

Eventually, of course, the pecans gathered during harvesting become the delicious pecans that are enjoyed around the world! From naturals to candy coated to chocolate covered—Green Valley Pecans are the finest available.

For more information on Green Valley Pecan Company and available pecan products, please visit www.PecanStore.com or www.greenvalleypecan.com. For updates, recipes, and other pecan-related information, follow Green Valley Pecan Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


If Your Game Is Golf

If Your Game Is Golf

If you are looking to work on your golf game, there are few better places than Green Valley. It can be argued that the year-round weather in southern Arizona is the best in the country. Most days through the winter will have highs between 60-80 degrees and with the 2500 ft. elevation our summer temperatures are 8-12 degrees cooler than the Phoenix valley, many days having highs in the 90s.

Our community is designed to be golf friendly with “golf cart” lanes on the roadways and cart parking at many of the store fronts.  In a small square mileage area along the Interstate 19 corridor we have ten golf courses, seven that will accept public play—tee times for everyone. Golf in southern Arizona is plentiful and the quality per dollar spent will be hard to match anywhere in the country.

San Ignacio Golf Club is a well-designed Arthur Hills semi-private course with elevation changes and beautiful views of the mountains and our locally famous Elephant Head peak. The course is uniquely laid out to be player friendly with no long-forced carries and yet still challenging for the low handicappers. San Ignacio made the List of Top 25 “Most Improved Courses in America” for 2017, based on GolfAdvisor.com. It has four sets of tees and two combo tees. San Ignacio has a large practice facility with three practice greens and two practice bunkers. The Inn at San Ignacio is one block from the golf shop.

Tubac Golf Resort and Spa has been designated as a “Historic Hotel of America” with an old west rustic feel and boasts 27 holes of championship golf. The Tubac Resort is among the most luxurious, tranquil vacation spots in southern Arizona, and hosts many beautiful wedding ceremonies each year. The resort features 98 Hacienda/Casita suites, a destination spa, manicured gardens and mountain views all around.

Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas (co-designed by Lee Trevino) are semi-private  sister courses on either side of Interstate 19. Both have wonderful views of the Santa Rita mountains and Elephant Head Peak. The Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort Hotel overlooks the lake guarding the 9th hole green and is within walking distance of the Canoa Ranch pro shop.

The Haven Golf Club is a pure public golf course with an 18-hole parkland style traditional golf course with six sets of tees and is walking and gender friendly, pull carts are available. Also, on site is a 9-hole pitch and putt course, known as the The Tortuga Course. The Haven provides a quality full golfing experience for the beginner as well as the practiced golfer.

Kino Springs Golf Course is farther south in Nogales and is a semi-private high desert course with elevation changes and beautiful views and fast sloping bent grass greens. Kino Springs was known to be one of the playgrounds of yester year’s Hollywood set with John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor making frequent stops there.

Rio Rico Golf Club was designed by the renowned architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. and has the unique distinction of being an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary with birding trails and it actually closes for golf to defer to the birding community every Monday Morning. Rio Rico is working to be a community center for the Nogales area and hopes to bring in a First Tee Program. In years past Rio Rico hosted the regional qualifying school for the PGA Tour.

Country Club of Green Valley is a private full-service member owned club (some public play allowed) and boasts a nice practice facility and a variety of membership plans and social activities. The course is tree lined with views of the Santa Rita mountains offers 6 sets of tees making it playable for the novice golfer while challenging the low handicappers.

Desert Hills Country Club is a private golf club dedicated to providing exceptional member focused service, the club takes great pride in maintaining superior playing conditions, while enhancing the value of membership provided to each of its member-owners.

Quail Creek Country Club has beautiful mountain views and is a 27  hole championship course with 5 sets of tees (for residence only from September 16th through May 14th, public welcome in the summer months). This Robson community development uses the golf course as its centerpiece but has many other amenities.

9th Annual Sahuarita Pecan Festival

9th Annual Sahuarita Pecan Festival

Green Valley Pecan Company hosted the 9th Annual Sahuarita Pecan Festival on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 at the Green Valley Pecan farm. Families and friends celebrated Veterans Day at the Festival with horse-drawn wagon rides, pecan cracking contests, tractor pull contests, and Veteran recognition events, including a flyover by the 162nd Wing and a special photo at the Festival of more than 50 local veterans that was featured in the Green Valley News.

The Sahuarita Pecan Festival kicked off in the morning with the 9th Annual Pecan Classic and Family Fun Run that led nearly 350 runners and walkers through the pecan orchard. Student Council members from Walden Grove High School volunteered at the race and received a portion of the funds for student activities on campus.

In addition to the Heritage Area highlighting antique tractors and the tractor pull contests, the Kids Area featured Arabian horse demonstrations presented by the Southern Arizona Arabian Horse Association , the Boy Scouts monkey bridge, and other kid-friendly activities.

One of the most popular activities was the horse-drawn wagon ride into the orchard for pecan harvest demonstrations. All proceeds from this went directly to the Community Food Bank – Green Valley.

The Pecan Store had a special tent at the Festival, selling holiday gift items as well as delicious pecans to be used for holiday baking. Green Valley Pecans would be perfect in making holiday pies, such as the Festival’s Pecan Pie Contest winner’s pie! Morgan Scott’s pie competed against 12 other pies and took home first place! The Pecan Pie Contest was sponsored by Mama’s Hawaiian Barbeque .

Pecan Store gift items—in addition to being sold at the Festival—can be purchased all holiday season online or in-person at the Pecan Store located at 1625 E Sahuarita Rd from 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday or 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

Favorite holiday gifts include the large party trays and the gift boxes. Both come in a variety of sizes and pecan combinations, such as sweet praline, spicy cinnamon, milk chocolate, honey toasted, butterscotch, and fresh natural pecans, among others.

The Green Valley Pecan Gift Catalog is also available for more holiday shopping ideas. Pick up a copy at the Pecan Store or call the store at 800-327-3226 to request a catalog be mailed to your home.

As a major annual event in the Sahuarita and Green Valley communities, the Sahuarita Pecan Festival not only provides a venue for holiday shopping but it also helps support many local volunteer groups and non-profits. Over the past nine years, the Festival has raised nearly $100,000 for the community!

Mark your calendars! Next year’s Sahuarita Pecan Festival—our 10th Annual—is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 10.

For more information on the Sahuarita Pecan Festival, please visit the official Festival website at www.SahuaritaPecanFestival.com. Additional information can also be found on the Sahuarita Pecan Festival’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information on Green Valley Pecan Company holiday gifts, please visit www.PecanStore.com. For updates, recipes, and other pecan-related information, follow Green Valley Pecan Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


Green Valley Among the “Best Places to Retire”

Green Valley Among the “Best Places to Retire”

Cactus Seller in Green Valley, AZ

The folks who live in Green Valley, AZ have known for many years that it is one of the best places to retire. The marvel of this great community, recognized for its healthy environment for active living and successful aging, has typically been promoted by word-of-mouth from friend to friend and neighbor to neighbor. Now it seems as though others are taking notice of Green Valley, AZ and putting this unique community on the map. The US News and World Report started this momentum in 2008 when it showcased Green Valley, AZ as one of the “best healthy places to retire in the US.” The article boasts about the health benefits of living in a warm, dry climate, residents with “bulging calendars” filled with diverse activities, membership and access to resort-style amenities through Green Valley Recreation, beautiful desert golf courses, and access to great health care.

Green Valley Recreation

A mere nine years later, Green Valley, AZ is ranked by Forbes as one of the “Best 25 Places to Retire in 2017.” In a nut shell, this ranking affirms that Green Valley, AZ meets Forbes’ criteria of an attractive and affordable living environment with the best retirement value. This means not only in costs like affordable housing and taxes, but the best retirement value in terms of quality of life indicators (including crime and air quality), recreation, access to medical care, and factors which make for a healthy and fulfilling retirement including opportunities for volunteering, exercise, active living, social and community engagement, and even part-time work. The Forbes ranking is also a good measure to consider when choosing a place to retire because they take into account the Milken Institute’s criteria for the best places for successful aging when they make their rankings.

Playing Pickle Ball

Ideal-Living Magazine recently highlighted Green Valley, AZ as a great place for active adult living. They created a discovery tour to showcase the resort-style amenities of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. showing a range of activities within the community while also giving a taste of the beauty of Southern Arizona.

TopRetirements.com says,

Green Valley offers good value for the money in terms of the housing and amenities offered. It also has a moderate winter climate, although periods of hard freeze can occur.  Because of its size the range of its activities and the range of people to meet is more extensive than most other active adult communities.  The non-profit Green Valley Recreation is quite extraordinary, operating 13 different recreation centers with golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc. It also provides many opportunities for the arts and entertainment. One of its attractions is that its facilities and programs allow people from different communities to mix.

Casa P

Movoto extolls the virtues of Green Valley’s endless physical, social, academic and creative activity opportunities. Yahoo Finance and Money magazine have both placed Green Valley in position two on their top 10 places to retire in the US.

The official word is out – Green Valley, AZ is a premiere destination for active adult living. Green Valley Recreation, Inc., the numerous clubs, faith communities and volunteer organizations that make up this wonderful community provide a healthy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.