Green Valley, Arizona

Outdoor Recreation

Bog Springs Campground Green Valley, AZ

Arizona weather and spectacular scenery are major reasons people opt for the active retirement lifestyle in Green Valley with its many outdoor recreation opportunities.

You can hike, bike, bird watch, picnic, snap photos, camp, explore the desert in an off road vehicle, or just take peaceful walks under beautiful blue skies.

Volunteers with the Arizona Trail Association help maintain the nearby and famous Arizona Trail. The Arizona Trial crosses the state from Sierra Vista near the Mexico border, to the Vermillion Cliffs near Utah, through country rich in Old West history. It is popular with hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

Madera Trail Green Valley Hiking Club

From just about any Green Valley rooftop, half a dozen mountain ranges are in view and there are trails in all of them. Members of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. (GVR) are welcome to join the GVR Hiking Club on organized weekly hikes at three different skill levels on scouted trails in every mountain range in the region. Mountain trails reward hikers with terrific views, abundant wildlife and significantly cooler temps than the desert floor. Plenty of folks in Green Valley enjoy the Santa Rita Mountains without ever putting on a boot, at the picnic areas and paved trails of Madera Canyon.

Magnificent Hummingbird Green Valley, AZ

Volunteers with Friends of Madera Canyon promote conservation through education at this popular destination. Just 20 minutes from Green Valley, Madera Canyon is the access point for various trails and the cool pines at five to seven thousand feet. Madera Canyon is part of the Coronado National Forest’s 1.78 million-acres scattered across the Sky Islands of Arizona and New Mexico. Known around the world as a premier birding destination, Madera Canyon spans four life zones are an outdoor recreation wonderland. Thirteen campsites are available at the Bog Springs Campground and three lodges and a parks-owned cabin provide accommodations for those more inclined to sleep on a real mattress.

Oak Tree Green Valley

Not a hiker? You can hunt a variety of game in the mountains and valleys surrounding Green Valley, join a cycling group, fish or canoe at Pena Blanca, Patagonia and Parker Canyon lakes, target shoot at local ranges, mountain bike or four-wheel on old mining roads and trails, or just take a leisurely nature stroll through lush vegetation along the Santa Cruz River on the historic Anza Trail.

Any given morning, the sun rises over the Santa Ritas and reveals a community full of active adults pedaling the many bike lanes or wandering paved walking paths around Green Valley. Find and follow your outdoor recreation passion in the Sonoran Desert and its multiple mountain meccas which you can view out your patio window from any of the peaceful, friendly neighborhoods in the active retirement community of Green Valley, Arizona.