Green Valley, Arizona

Hobbies & Interests

Silversmithing in a Green Valley Shop

Just about everyone has met a retiree who says they are busier after retirement than they were when they were working. This is almost universally true in Green Valley. Perhaps the key to cramming so much into every day is the old adage: “A change is as good as a rest.” In Green Valley you can “rest” endlessly! Change from morning pickleball to volunteering at the Animal League. Change from volunteering to a late lunch with the book club. Then change to your class on consistent tennis serves or oil painting techniques or sport fishing in Arizona or instead, head over to the clay studio to glaze your pinch pots. After dinner, take in a concert at GVR’s West Center or a play at the Community Performing Arts Center, maybe some music and drinks on the patio at Tubac Jack’s or karaoke at Los Agaves. With all the “resting,” it’s a wonder anyone here needs to sleep.

Volunteer with Dog

GVR Silversmith Club

Nearly 300 clubs are listed in the annual directory published by the Green Valley News. Duplicate Bridge, glass art, Argentine tango, gardening, hiking, traveling, civics, religion, woodworking—you name it, there is a group of people in this community coming together to enjoy their shared interest. Green Valley Recreation, Inc. (GVR) provides dedicated spaces for a number of very popular clubs including woodworking, clay, camera, lapidary and silversmithing, computer, art, and ceramics studios. Those club members pay modest annual dues (just $40 to join the GVR Lapidary & Silversmith Club to enjoy the use of excellent facilities and equipment. Sports clubs at GVR include pickleball, racquetball, hunting and fishing, swim, tennis and more. Leisure clubs include billiards, quilting and fiber arts, hiking, bocce, a variety of card games, and discussion forums.

Women Painting Green Valley Recreation

With about 350 viewing nights a year, Southern Arizona is the astronomy capital of the world. Thirty or more telescope installations are scattered in the mountain ranges around Tucson. Throughout Green Valley, the Whipple Observatory is visible atop Mt. Hopkins in the Santa Rita range. Thanks to the naturally clear air and the Pima County dark skies ordinance, stargazing opportunities abound in the region, starting right in Green Valley with the Sonora Astronomical Society.

Volunteering, playing, learning, exploring, relaxing with friends—any free hour can be filled in a heartbeat in Green Valley.