Green Valley, Arizona

Arts & Entertainment


Photograph by Tony Redhouse

The American Southwest holds tremendous appeal for artists. Painters, sculptors, filmmakers, writers, jewelers, photographers and poets are all inspired by the landscape and the emotions it evokes.

Art is highly valued throughout Southeast Arizona and arts-lovers have no end of opportunities to indulge. Tucson is home to dozens of museums, galleries and open studios, and visitors can’t miss the city’s love of vibrant murals.

Photograph by Lisa Harris

For some, retirement provides the long-awaited chance to explore their own artistic expressions, and again, Green Valley delivers. At GVR, artists congregate in studios and club meetings, year-round.

Several clubs offer classes, host guest instructors and provide a series of technique and material demonstrations throughout the year. CPAC offers classes and gallery space. In the nearby art colony of Tubac, opportunities abound.

Degrazia Sun Chapel Tucson


Retirement living means time to enjoy quality entertainment and Green Valley makes the most of that time!

At Green Valley Recreation Inc.’s (GVR) West Center (500 seats) about thirty concerts per year reflect the variety of tastes in the community. Rock, jazz, world music, classical, country, Broadway, brass band—you name it, you’ll see it in a GVR Live! brochure. Grammy Award winners and lauded tribute acts lure patrons from all over the region.

Green Valley Live Entertainers

For those seeking a more intimate social venue, the Tubac Center of the Arts (175 seats) offers a relaxed atmosphere with wine and lively conversation before and after concerts and presentations.

Ten miles north of Green Valley, the Desert Diamond Casino (2,000 seats) draws some of the biggest names working the casino circuit.

The Community Performance and Art Center (CPAC), a county-owned facility in Green Valley, offers a packed season of music, live theatre and informative historical presentations in an intimate theatre (203 seats).

Tucson, of course, delivers all the entertainment that one might expect of a major metropolitan area, and then some.