Green Valley, Arizona

Active Adult Living

Green Valley Recreation, Inc.

Arts & Entertainment

The American Southwest holds tremendous appeal for artists. Painters, sculptors, filmmakers, writers, jewelers, photographers and poets are all inspired by the landscape and the emotions it evokes. Art is highly valued throughout Southeast Arizona and arts-lovers have no end of opportunities to indulge.

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Hobbies & Interests

Just about everyone has met a retiree who says they are busier after retirement than they were when they were working. Perhaps the key to cramming so much into every day is the old adage: “A change is as good as a rest.” In Green Valley you can “rest” endlessly!

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Outdoor Recreation

Arizona weather and spectacular scenery are major reasons people opt for the active retirement lifestyle in Green Valley with its many outdoor recreation opportunities. You can hike, bike, bird watch, picnic, snap photos, camp, explore the desert in an off road vehicle, or just take peaceful walks under beautiful blue skies.

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Sports & Fitness

There are many great reasons active adults choose Green Valley, Arizona. Sports and fitness opportunities are certainly among them. Those opportunities are one reason US New and World Report has called Green Valley one the healthiest places to retire in the country.

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